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Formerly made by JSB in China, but recently purchased by one of the big tobacco companies who have set up their own manufacturing, this is an electronic cigarette based the best selling Blucig design. Infact insiders tell us they may phase out Skycig and replace with Blucig in the near future. In its early years Skycig had many problems, as did all electronic cigarettes in those days, but they are now top performing ecigs with some of the most realistic and best flavours available on the UK market today.
One of the big names in electronic cigarettes found on the high street, another Chinese made ecig which performs ok but does not taste as realistic or as pleasant as with the Skycig or the E-Lites,. Good branding and promotion has resulted in this ecig appearing in many outlets on the high street, but unless they change (as Intellicig have), which now product the best ecig and are UK made, with UK made ejuice, then we do not give Nicolites much longer, unless they are also purchased by one of the big tobacco companies and the product is developed in the UK.
Vapestick has found its way into Argos and many high street supermarkets, it has good branding but again it is not one of the better UK ecigs, manufactured like most others (apart from E-Lites and Intellicig), in China, this is another brand that needs to update its product for 2014. Which Intellicig and E-Lites have done. Possibly another branded product just about to be purchased by big tobacco and become developed within the UK.
Vapouriz is another click branded electronic cigarette that can be found on the UK market, again it is not a company that has a very good reputation with affiliates and therefore not one we could happily promote. The product seems to perform well enough and it is another branded product that will soon probably be purchased by big tobacco and developed within the UK, but for 2014 it is not one of the better brands in our opinion and certainly not one we could recommend, unlike Intellicig which has developed their product for 2014 and have an outstanding reputation, having overcome initial problems with their products.
Nucig is one of the first UK electronic cigarettes to make its way into chemists. This is because they use vegetable extract, without any chemicals, unlike other ecig brands. Intellicig also use purely natural vegetable extract in their ecigs. Nucig seem to be a good brand and a company that you can trust. We have tested their flavours and they are very rich and satisying, the vapour is also thicker than most other electronic cigarette brands. A good UK ecig.

Electronic Cigarette UK has been in enjoyed by many smokers for almost four years now. This is a device which is powered electronically and simulated how tobacco smoking works. While it will be very difficult to totally eliminate smoking, e cig offers a healthy and safe alternative to it. Switching to it will prove to bring many positive effects and can also help in quitting smoking altogether.

Electronic cigarette UK is non flammable, non carcinogenic and non-polluting. The user will only be able to inhale the vapour and not the tobacco or the tar that is commonly found in traditional cigarettes. This state of the art device will give the smoker a real time smoking experience without the negative effect on the environment as well as the people around him. Real cigarettes are believed to release up to 4000 harmful substances and this is prevented with ecig. The ingredient which makes up the e-liquid are also non-cancer causing.

Electronic cigarette UK is also known for being aesthetically the same with the real thing. With this, it can offer satisfaction which is closest to what the conventional one offers. The major difference is that it does not produce real smoke but only vapour. Unlike the real cigarette, which releases that cloud of smoke after every drag, you cannot find any visual residue with ecig. Hence, those people around will not get second hand smoke and will not be affected. The common effect of yellowish fingers and teeth will also be completely prevented.

In traditional cigarette, the smoker will have to stop once it has been exhausted. With electronic cigarette UK, you will be able to smoke as long as its battery is still charged. A fully charged ecig battery will be able to work for several hours and even for the whole day. It usually comes with several cartridges which is equivalent up to 15 real cigarettes. It also usually comes with an extra battery so that you can use it while the other one is being charged. With some ecig, the user will not be able to know how much vapour they were able to inhale. But with electronic cigarette UK there is a part which serves as a regulator of vapour that you will inhale. This ensures that it will not be significant amount as to be harmful to your health.

Most countries place a ban on the use of cigarette in some places. But, electronic cigarette UK passes this legal issue. Since it does not contain harmful substance but vapour only, it can be used even in areas where smoking is prohibited. You can have it in public areas, restaurants and parks. It will also cost so much less as compared to real cigarettes. Smoking ecig is comparatively cheaper as compared to conventional ones. It is also available in numerous flavours and also different strengths of cartridges.

Electronic cigarette UK is not a means to smoking cessation. This is only an alternative when the user does not want to smoke the traditional tobacco.
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